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Barrier Brewing Co.

Barrier Brewing was founded in 2009 by Evan Klein and operation commenced on a 1bbl system in 1,000sqft warehouse. The focus was to produce world class examples of a wide range of styles, a formula which still rings true to this day. Even though it was small, the brewery cranked out 600+bbls of beer in the first year servicing accounts throughout Long Island, NYC & Upstate NY. June 2012 brought Barrier into a new location and a bigger operation (5 vessel 5bbl brewhouse), capable of producing 4000bbls/yr. Then "SuperStorm" Sandy made landfall in October and shut Barrier down for 4 months. These were very hard times, but at no point was there a thought to give up. Through fortitude and the local brewing community banding together, we were able get back to making beer in February of 2013. Fast forward to 2018. Barrier now operates on a 3 vessel 20bbl brewhouse capable of producing 9000+bbl/yr.

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