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Beer Brothers Brewing Co.

Phill Leyland and David Reece met at school and have been firm friends for over 20 years (Do they argue? Certainly, but only about beer!). As fans of real and craft ale, the Beer Brothers started making experimental brews using a simple pot and pan set-up on a cooker top at home – as you do! After tweaking their first brew and conducting intensive taste trials (many friends volunteered for this stage of the creative process!), they realised they had made something special. This small batch became Beer Brothers signature ‘Altbier’ – now metamorphosed into Simply Red.

Later in 2015, with other beers added to the range, it was time to start brewing on a larger scale so a real-life-high-tech-slightly-bigger-than-a-kitchen micro-brewery was created in what can only be described as a chicken shed on an old egg farm. The response to the beers from actual customers was staggering with many cask beers selling out within a couple of hours of being on the pump and bottled beers flying off the shelves (not literally… that would be dangerous!). Our customers loved the beers, demand increased and Beer Brothers outgrew both the original brewing space and brewing equipment. We needed to brew more beer!

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