Burnt Mill Brewery

Back in 2011 I started to move from just consuming beer to researching and learning about it. What began as an interest developed into an idea that in some way I had to work in the industry and in the following years through home brewing, production brewing and near constant research the brewery started to come together.

Being in London I’d spend a lot of Saturdays in Bermondsey, drinking the beer at source whilst talking to the people who made it. Their willingness to talk about their methods was much of a draw as the beer itself. It’s an attitude that runs through the industry and it’s a big part of what makes it so great to be involved in, whilst also driving it forward.

The UK beer scene has changed a lot in the years since we first thought about this project and we’re excited to see how it progresses. As drinkers our opinions and tastes are always evolving and as brewers our processes and conventions being challenged. With this in mind, we’ll be doing our best to create an environment where we can continue this progression, whilst brewing the beers we want to drink.


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