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De Moersleutel

 There once were four brothers from the Netherlands who just finished their technical studies and wanted to prove they were better than their dad at everything. But mostly at brewing beers. Dad dared them to prove their claim and let them have a go at the small brewery he owned.

The guys went on and brewed their first beer which was, as we the Dutch call it ‘slootwater’, or garbage to put it mildly. Thankfully dad and his friends weren’t the worst winners. After they stopped laughing at the four youngsters, they all went back to the brewery and kept brewing beers until they turned out better and better.

After some time practicing at brewing beers and experimenting with all kinds of different flavours and additives, the brothers decided it was time to show the Dutch beer market how to brew real tasty beers. The first concoction they put on shelves of beer shops was an Imperial Stout. But not just a regular imperial stout. No, that would be too easy. It was the very first Barrel Blend  (A blend of the Stouts  ‘Motor Oil’ and ‘Je Moer’) which was well received by beer lovers.

A successful start, but the brothers saw room for improvement. They went back to the original recipe and optimized it to make the beer even tastier. It’s something that they would go on and do for all the beers they released. The first version is usually great, but the second, third or fourth are even better. Which, if you ever tasted one of the first batches, is kind of amazing to pull off. But the guys seem to be able to do it again and again. Now, several years later, Moersleutel beers are perceived as some of the best in the world and even the absolute best in The Netherlands.

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