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Errant Brewery

With over five years in the brewing industry, Tom has brewed over fifty different kinds of beer and drank a lot more. An old English brewer at heart, he's most comfortable in his wellies up to his knees in hops. Tom's favourite type of beer is an old English bitter. 

Martyn comes from a media and PR background. A lover of new and interesting beer, he's turned his expertise to bringing his and Tom's vision for real ale to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. A futurist at heart, he's always looking for the next big thing and loves to try out new and wacky styles of beer. His go-to style is an American IPA.

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle in an old victorian railway arch, Errant is a hidden gem in Newcastle's industrial playground. Tucked in amongst mechanics and fitness studios it's a hardworking brewhouse. Under the near-constant hammering of the trains above Tom and Martyn are working to bring their pride and joy beers to Newcastle's pubs. 


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