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Ilkley Brewery

The Ilkley Brewery and Aerated Water Company was originally founded in 1873, and soon grew to become one of the region’s leading beverage producers and suppliers. Importing fine wines and spirits from around the world, and utilising the town’s natural spring water, the beers were universally commended for their outstanding quality, purity and splendid condition. The brewery was ultimately swallowed up by Hammonds Bradford Brewery Co, and consequently Bass, and then shut down in the early 1920s. The Head Brewer departed to take up residence at a certain Timothy Taylors Brewery, where he first brewed Landlord.

Ilkley has been famous for its pure water since Roman times, when the Olicana settlement was first established here on the banks of the river Wharfe. Parts of the old brewery buildings still stand today, and the shadows of the Olicana trademark can still be seen in some of the town’s pubs.

Constant innovation and development. The process from grain to glass is an exciting journey, and they want their passion to be tasted in every drop.

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