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Trial & Ale

A Saison Brambled / Farmhouse Ale Saison / 7.4%

- 10%
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Strong Beer / Wild Ale with Blackberry

We’ve had blackberry on our minds for some time now, and from the very beginning of the planning stages for this blend, we knew that a Saison base was what we would use. Only the thin, hyper attenuated, dry, Brettanomyces canvas of our Saison cellar stock could properly highlight the rich fruit character extracted from the blackberries during maturation. The magic of the blackberry is found in its ability to put forth a heavy fruit profile, and unmistakably “berry” goodness, even after every bit of sugar is consumed by our microbes. Upon reflection, people generally do not disassociate fruit
flavours from their normal sugar content. Which is why blending with fruit can be challenging. Trying to select fruit that will end up a reduced essence of the input, lacking the primary characteristic of sugar, is an interesting and fun exercise. Our goal with A Saison Brambled was to transport you to a creekside thicket near the end of a hot summer to indulge in the juicy berry flavours from the vines. Best enjoyed with both feet in a cold stream.

Untappd: 4.03

Country Canada
Style Lambic/Mix Ferm
Brewery Trial & Ale
ABV% 7.4%
Size 750ml