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Little Monster Brewing

Little Monster Brewing Company was founded by award winning brewer Brenden Quinn who has had a passion for locally produced craft beer since he was introduced to it when travelling in Canada back in 2000.

“I was in Montreal drinking some amazing beers which were tasty, fresh, hoppy and just so damn good. I instantly fell in love and couldn’t wait to get back to the UK to search to see what was available there”.

After arriving back in the UK and not being able to find any beers similar to what he had experienced whilst aboard, Brenden went back to the commercial beers and consoled himself that he would never get that quality beer in England. Little did he know then, that other people, experiencing the same, would soon be bringing the craft over to our shores.

In 2011 a home brewer friend of Brenden’s, living in Sydney, suggested he should get a home brew kit to start making his own beer.

“I started off with tins of extract and not really knowing what to do and making some terrible beers. Slowly my beers started improving and as I gained in confidence I moved to brew in a bag and then I thought I was really going for it and I purchased a cooler box mash tun a new kettle etc.”

However, Brenden who was then working in the Corporate world, took a trip to New Zealand and his previous trip to Canada came flooding back to him. He started to experience the amazing beer culture and met a number of people in the beer scene. As soon as he got back to the UK – he decided to pursue what he calls “his true calling”. “I remember mailing around 10 breweries asking them if I could come work for free and learn. Two responded saying no and the others I didn’t hear a thing. One night I met the Gipsy Hill guys at a tasting event and it all started from that…..

“I started volunteering at Gipsy Hill Brewing company who kindly gave me a chance to help and start learning about the trade. I still remember my very first job. It was February time and I was washing casks out in the cold and rain, thinking what have I got myself into.  I’m so glad I stuck with it, hard work but so rewarding.  After 5 or so months I then volunteered at Fourpure too who eventually offered me a permanent role and eventually moving into a brewers position. I learnt so much at Fourpure and worked with some amazing people. After a few years I moved to West Sussex where I brewed for Arundel Brewery but deep down I wanted to do my own thing, produce my own beer, start my own journey.”

At the beginning of 2018 Little Monster Brewing Company was born. The name came from Brenden’s daughter who he calls affectionately, “my Little Monster”. The name came instantly to Brenden as he wanted to dedicate all that he did to his little girl and the inspiration she gave him.

The name, Little Monster Brewing is fresh, modern and fun. Exactly the approach to the beer he makes.

Brenden – Brendo

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