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Mondo Brewing

Spun on an axis of collective experience, we make beer that we want to drink, with our journey just as important as the destination. Founded in 2014, American brewers Todd Matteson and Thomas Palmer brought their night shift musings into the light and Mondo Brewing was born. A friendship underpinned by where they once called home, America, now taking root in Battersea. We make beer that is inclusive, not exclusive, with your enjoyment central to our approach.
A sense of adventure leads us through our core range, seasonals and collaborations, bringing it all back to that simplest of pleasures, drinking great beer with friends. Our world view is to drink local, which leads us back home. All things point South West to our bespoke tap house overlooking the brewery, a place to enjoy fifteen rotating beers at your leisure.
With significant expansion completed in early 2019, we’re all set to provide the volume needed to extend our reach from North to South, with Mondo beer now pouring in mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and the East Coast of America.
We'll keep on constantly revolving and evolving, so that you can enjoy.

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