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Pipeworks Brewing Co

Pipeworks Brewery Co. was established in Chicago in 2012 by friends with a shared dream of crafting quality and creative beers. Since putting the first cap on the first bottle, the brewery has garnered accolades for its distinctive beers and original artwork thanks to a growing and enthusiastic team. 

 Pipeworks self-distributes in Illinois, Milwaukee, and Madison but can be found in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut through Sarene Distribution, in Minnesota through Clear River, in Massachusetts through Nightshift Distributing, in Missouri through Craft Republic Distributing, and in Colorado through Elite Brands. We are also available for online beer purchase in some states through Tavour.

The Dojo, our Bottle Shop, is located within our production facility at 3912 W Mclean Ave in Chicago.

Pipeworks is located at 3912 W. McLean Ave Chicago IL 60647

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