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Ridgeside Brewery

Founded in January 2010, by the late Simon Bolderson, Ridgeside built a sterling reputation on producing excellent cask ales, with a particular focus on hop-forward pales and a specialty of beer from the wood.

In July 2015, a new chapter in Ridgeside’s story commenced. The current teamMatt John Lovatt, Josh Gabriel Waldock, Jorge Gonzalez Moore, Stevie Edward Lovatt, and Tom Henry Connolly, continues the fantastic legacy of Ridgeside, whilst embracing the attitude and stylistic possibilities of the modern craft beer movement.

In addition to their solid line up of long-time favourites, They are continuously investigating and experimenting with diverse styles, flavours, and aromas to brew limited-edition specials. Whether tinkering with dry-hopping, long conditioning lagers, or perfecting their kettle souring technique, They are committed to bringing a caring, fresh and improved approach to craft brewing and delivering a variety of real ales in all packages. Furthermore, all of their beers are brewed with great care, love and passion in small batches to ensure the highest quality. 

Their philosophy is simple; brew a beer to be remembered.

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