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Six° North

six°north was established in 2013. The concept was born in Belgium when founder Robert Lindsay fell in love with the country’s beer culture and tradition. He soon returned to north east Scotland to start brewing his own beers, six°north of Brussels. We make modern, artisanal beers that are driven by Belgian brewing tradition and inspired by modern brewing practices. 

Our beers are unfiltered and carbonated naturally through secondary fermentation. We brew classic Belgian inspired beers, as well as modern, hop-forward styles. We also release a number of collaboration beers each year with other breweries. 

Since 2013 six°north has grown exponentially and we now employ over 80 staff across five sites. six°north has become a beacon for quality craft beer and we continue to grow the brand year on year. 

We have FIVE bars in Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Edinburgh, Glasgow AND DUNDEE WITH each spreading the good word of six°north. Our bars have a continental feel, with minimal, understated décor throughout. We take influence from our favourite Belgian bars to create relaxed, friendly environments to enjoy great beer with friends.

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