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Some of the beers the PH Team are excited about right now... 

Waterpistol, Amity. Our beer of the week! With it's slightly reformed recipe from their new brewer this is fantastic! We've all tried it at Amity Brew recently and its such a great beer. Easy to drink and continue to drink, so don't just buy one, buy two! -Everyone

Brewery of the week goes to Deya Brewing. We've add the new Brett Pils below to our Staff Picks. They have a few different versions out right now. Definitely thirst quenchers and it's really refreshing to see different styles of beer out right now... - Everyone

Half Dome, Track. A very refreshing smooth pale – Dave

OFS073, Northern Monk. A malty chocolate stout that's very drinkable - Dave

Days Of Candy, Rivington. It's a great easy drinking beer for warm weather. A nice bitter finish - Connor

Delirium, Overtone. A TIPA with an amazing combo of NZ hops - Connor

Soup Dragon, Time And Tide Brewing. I've kept this on this week as a staff pick, its been soooo popular in the orders this week too. Been enjoying the lighter styles of beers recently and this one is definitely one to try. Tangerine vibes mixed with tropical aromas. It's thick but also light at the same time...really interesting combo – Hema

North x Newbarns Lager. This is PERFECT to enjoy amongst friends who might not be as heavily into the craft beer scene. It's a great balance and also a massive party pleaser! Add to your basket if your in BBQ fever... - Hema

Druif Muscaris 20/21 Blend 16, Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen. A beautiful lambic perfect for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the summer. We have a fantastic range from these guys but this one in particular has proven a well-loved combination. Check out how much work has gone into this beer on the post below and you will be amazed - Rohit

Hubble Bubble, Gravity Well. Always popular, so glad it's back in. A must for everyone who is a fan of juicy DIPA's! - Rohit