Some of the beers the PH Team are excited about right now...

Timing's End Verdant - The most popular beer of the week. A smooth IPA perfect for this time of the year and in this down in the dumps month. Will definitely perk you up - Hema

An amazingly solid Track x Beak x Barth Haas Pale Ale - what a collaboration, we've re-stocked this back in due to popular demand! - Connor

A fan favourite Cloudwater Stout - all we can say is it's a liquidised chocolate orange...DELISH! - Rohit

Squashed: Raspberry, Lingonberry & Blackberry Gipsy Hill – A fantastic substitute for those of you doing dry jan or just want to take it easy this month. It really did taste like a sour and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Check out our social media for our full review as we really enjoyed it! – Hema & Rohit

Karleksmums Vault City – veering away from their usual delicious sours, you won't be disappointed...a truly tasty chocolate pastry stout… - Rohit

40 Watt Moon Verdant – A re-stock once again on this beer this week. A tasty IPA but has punches of those DIPA notes in there too. Really enjoyable and not too harsh meaning you can easily drink another ;) – Everyone

Teamwurk Beak Brewery – A smooth tasting IPA with lovely surprise hits of tropical blasts peaking through – Hema

Donzoko Vienna Lager – Lagers are proving a massive hit right now, especially after all the heavier beers most of us enjoyed over the festive break. They prove popular in-between big drinking sessions too! This collab with Braybrooke combines their fantastic styles into a brilliant lager… - Dave 

Synth Star Overtone & Future State – A brilliant collaboration and if it’s sold out on here, don’t worry we have a re-stock coming this week…we haven’t even had chance to save ourselves one yet but we are this time, we will definitely put a review of this one up soon as we’ve heard only amazing things… - Everyone