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Time & Tide Brewing

Set on the stunning Kent coast, those at Time and Tide Brewing are fuelled by their passion for beer, their sense of fun and their unrelenting dedication to making the best beer we possibly can.

Founded in 2013 by Paul, Sam and Kerry, their beers reflect their passion; they love juicy, hoppy IPA’s and are excited about modern and progressive approaches to brewing.

They maintain a regular line up that represents what they are all about; incredible beer you can enjoy time and again...but they're more than happy to experiment with regular new releases; designed with two things in mind...to delight and excite you.

In 2019 they started collaborating with the Deal Hop Farm; growing hops on a patchwork farm in and around Deal. They use their Prima Donna hops to make more traditional beers in cask and cans. This is a wonderful local project centred on community spirit, and we love it!

Their beers are all brewed and packaged on site, and stored in their cold room at 4 degrees to maintain the quality and freshness. They strongly recommend all our customers do what they can to store the beer as cold as possible. Hops fade fast; cold beer is happy beer!

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