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Turning Point

We are a small team of beer lovers with a clear mission:

Brew our favourite beers, and have a good time. 

Our brewery is based in Kirkbymoorside, which you've not heard of, so, we're near York. 

We're very fortunate to draw from a water source that comes direct from the Earth, via the North York Moors, 

and helps us make the perfect pint every time.

Our brewery launched into orbit in 2017, with Aron & Cameron calling time on the day jobs and never looking back. Since then we've been busy brewing as many unique beers as possible, whilst modestly honing our craft,
learning everything we can about this mysterious liquid, and trying our damnedest to cram as much fun
into every minute of it as possible.


We invite you into our little world filled with hops, good music, and space travel.


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