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Vinohradsky Pivovar

The brewery was founded in 1893, when Royal Vinohrady was not yet part of Prague, but the former estates were already quickly replacing city blocks and Vinohrady was one of the largest Czech cities. It was an impressive building in a period industrial style, with a large adjacent garden. The building went nicely by hand, the first beer was on display already in 1894. The malting rooms could fit 600 wagons of malt - a nice addition that is repeated in all the internet strands. Classic Czech beers were brewed, including Velkopražská 12 and black lager. In the 1920s there were film studios next door, so there was no shortage of entertainment in the brewery garden. Unfortunately, the brewery's fame was short-lived. During the war, production ceased. The brewery was nationalized according to the presidential decree at the beginning of 1946 and beer was never brewed here again. The malt house continued to serve and the building became one of the settlements of the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting. In 2000, a large part of the building was completely destroyed by a fire, which by its size was the largest in Prague since the burnout of the Trade Fair Palace in 1974. How the fire occurred remains a mystery. Either way, the fire was followed by the demolition of some parts of the building and the construction of apartments and commercial buildings. Our brewery and restaurant is located in part of the original spilka, which was not destroyed by fire.

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