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Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery at Palace of Arts

Home at the Palace of Art in Exhibition Park is the last remaining building from the 1929 North East Exhibition. The Exhibition was an ambitious project built to celebrate and encourage Craft, Art and Industry at the start of the Great Depression.

Having remained almost derelict for nearly a decade the building has sprung back to life as a fully operational working Brewery.

Alongside the Brewery there is a Brewery Tap, which is open to the public Thursdays to Sundays inclusive.

The Grand Hall plays host to Live Music, Weddings, Pop Up Events and more.


Their Brewery has come a fairly long way since foundred fathers John Boyle & Robin Leighton pawed over their first malt bills and recipes in a potting shed in the village of Wylam, Northumberland.

Their brews are now enjoyed in quality pubs and bottle shops across the land and further beyond.

Finding them at the Palace of Arts is a walk in the park... quite literally!


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