Ethereal Substances

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Type: Lambic

Barrel Fermented Ale

Ethereal Substances is hopped both with Huell Melon and Centennial, then aged in oak barrels where it takes in a second fermentation. Fruity on the nose, there’s superb depth of flavour – bitter, fruity, funky. 

Epochal say “I hereby announce the second of two Epochal pale ales inspired by the mighty pales of 19th Century Scotland.  Prodigious foam radiates tropical fruits (melon, of course, but also ripe passionfruit and dried pineapple), sherbet funk and toasted milk bread. Oak fermentation has also brought a subtle vanilla note to the aroma. The palate is full, intense yet crisp. In the finish, alcohol mingles with the peppery bitterness in a way which reminds me of Belgian things I like to drink. This will mature for some time, changing a good deal in the coming months and years. Expect deep funk.

The name of this beer is a reference to Niels Hjelte Claussen’s great 1904 paper in which he names Brettanomyces as a yeast which produces “…ethereal substances, the taste and flavour of which cannot fail to attract the attention of any connoisseur…” Exactly!”

Country United Kingdom
Style Lambic
Brewery Epochal
ABV% 6.8%
Size 375ml

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