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Jester King Brewery

La Vie En Rose (Batch 10)

  • £19.95


Collections: Jester King Brewery, Lambic
Type: Lambic/Mix Ferm

Farmhouse Ale

La Vie en Rose is our Farmhouse Ale made with raspberries from 2021 Atrial Rubicite. Well water, TX malt, a blend of fresh and aged hops, JK mixed culture, and raspberries in stainless steel. 5.7%

We get lacto-fermented raspberry jam, Pull’n’Peel Twizzlers, LaCroix Razz-Cranberry, pink sweet tarts, and raspberry Kombucha tea.

Country United States
Style Lambic/Mix Ferm
Brewery Jester King Brewery
ABV% 5.7%
Size 750ml

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