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Northern Monk Brew Co

Let It Flow

  • £7.50


Collections: Northern Monk Brew Co, Stout
Type: Stout

Imperial Stout with To Ol & Third Moon

For our next illusion, we're presenting you with this: a rich and viscous imperial stout full of the Mount Rushmore of pastry stout adjuncts: chocolates, both Milk and Dark, somewhere in the region of 80% cacao; bitter, fruity roasted coffee beans; juicy maraschino cherry steeped in heady liqueur; shavings of flaked coconut toasted just to the point where the sugars catch, and a drizzle of honey.

Except none of those things are really there.

This cocktail of indulgence is actually the product of three elements - Water, Grain, and Hops. This liquid pastry counter, this dessert-trolley in a can, this vat of excess is, shockingly, (almost) in line with the Reinheitsgebot purity law.

An imperial stout fronted with flavours flowing directly from the holiest of hops for a meandering menagerie of malted music making, moving slow and easy through honey, cherry, chocolate, and coconut cacophonies.

Let it flow.


Country United Kingdom
Style Stout
Brewery Northern Monk Brew Co
ABV% 11.0%
Size 440ml

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