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Type: Stout

Chocolate & Vanilla Imperial Stout

Nyx is the brainchild of our Head Brewer Greig. From his early days with Brewdog when trailblazing stouts and barrel-aged beers were coming out every other week, to his crucial involvement in every aspect of the amazing Yellow Belly at Buxton, Greig has a stout background that is second to none.

We were keen to produce an Imperial Stout that stood on the shoulders of all these giant beers before, and when we discovered the recent releases of Tartarus, plus the fact they were 5 miles away from our brewery in Horsforth, the collab seemed like a gift from the (mythological) gods. Tartarus brew a wide variety of style but with a favour towards the darker side of beer styles and ABVs that regularly exceed 12%, our interest was suitably peaked!

Nyx in Greek Mythology is the Goddess of the night, a shadowy hypnotic character, and this beer is certainly hypnotic. But it's also indulgent, it's dark, lush and packed full of chocolate and vanilla sweetness. Hypnotically indulgent, when a beer is described like that how could you possibly resist!

Put simply, Nyx is the best stout we have brewed to date. The combined skills of Greig & Jack brewing a beer style they love has taken this beer to another level

Country United Kingdom
Style Stout
Brewery Amity Brew
ABV% 11%
Size 440ml

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