Frederiksdal Cherrywine


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Cherry Wine

Rancio is Frederiksdal’s signature cherry wine produced from the unique Stevns cherry. After fermentation, the wine is decanted into demi-johns and placed outdoors for at least 2 years so that sun, rain and cold give the wine a very distinct taste profile. The wine is then matured in cognac barrels for a further 1 1⁄2 years. Exceptional, full-bodied and complex taste experience – pure wine medititation. Perfect together with veal, tenderloin, lamb, cheeses, nuts and chocolate. When the bottle is open, the wine can easily last for 4-6 weeks, if it is kept in a cool place.
Country Denmark
Style Wines
Brewery Frederiksdal Cherrywine
ABV% 15.0%
Size 500ml

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