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And we are go go go!

Welcome to our first blog on our new website! We have news on our two birthday collabs coming up, plus a few thank you's, and some beers we have recently been enjoying ourselves.

In the background, we have been working on designing this website for a few months. As most of you will know, we aim to constantly improve on all our services. David at Brainstorm Design Agency has created exactly what we wanted. The e-voucher system is also a lot better and has the option of certain multiples now. We also have staff picks of beers we have all chosen we personally feel you should try. This will be updated every week. There is the new addition of signing up to a weekly mailer option which pops up. Here we will be giving you a heads up of what's due in and any upcoming news, plus there will be special discounts for anyone who signs up to the mailer too. Our favourite feature of the new site is the new Gluten Free, Vegan & Low Abv/Alcohol Free sections. With those specific requests growing by the day, it will make shopping easier to find beers for specific needs. Oh yeah and the search bar finally works as it should do too! Haha! We hope you enjoy the speed and ease of the new site. 

As well as all of that, we have rebranded too! Designed by the wonderful Refold. James's concept behind the logo was using the O from our name. It was rearranged to create two active characters of myself (Hema) and Rohit. An idea of what it represents is us running around picking up beers and running them all over the country. We have several versions of the logos that he has created. Each one is full of colour, vibrancy and fun...exactly what we are all about!

As its our third birthday as Premier Hop on December 1st, we have been brewing two collabs...one with Ryan at Chainhouse (DDH Pale), and the other with Ben at Rivington Brewery (their first ever TIPA!). We asked these breweries specifically this year, because not only have we enjoyed their amazing creations recently, but also because we are in full support of independent/upcoming breweries. Earlier this year, some of your purchased our Lancashire Pack which was helped to be put together with Adam at Cloudwater. It went down a storm and we had to finish 2021 with a shout out to all the Lancashire Breweries! The colours of the beers look amazing and cannot wait for you to try them!

Beers we have been enjoying recently we have to say are Pure Magic - Overtone and Freaky Friday - Cloudwater. Outstanding. What we are really enjoying lately is that our own British Breweries are smashing it, and we are finding more and more that some are tasting as good, if not better than some of the hyped USA beers of late.

A big shout out to our amazing team! Dave, Connor & Tracey. Without you guys we wouldn't have been able to launch today, and we wouldn't be able to provide all our customers the service we do. Thank you and already looking forward to our Christmas Night out!

And finally, we would like to say our biggest thank you to YOU. Our collabs are our way of also saying thanks for supporting our small independent business. Its been almost two years in this pandemic and we've had plenty of ups and downs to be honest. A rough ride, but you've got us through. We hope all our new changes benefit you, and thanks for taking the time to read our first blog. We will update our blog regularly so keep in touch and would love your feedback. Cheers, have a great week!

Hema & Rohit xxxx

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