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I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles...

Yup, can you believe we turned 3 years old yesterday as Premier Hop! As many of you know, we like to collaborate with independent upcoming breweries and showcase how amazing they are. What more of a reason to do it for our party celebrations!

First up is our collab with Chainhouse Brewing Co. Ryan has been home brewing for 10+ years and finally took the plunge to get his beer out there (due to some peer pressure!). What started out as a few drinks for him and his pals in his garage is now turning into finally getting a premises to brew bigger quantities with somewhere bigger for the public to come and enjoy his brews. Sticking with his ethos of being independent, he plans to continue to be local, accessible and brew what he loves to drink personally. This is what we love about him/his brewery, he injects it with his soul, what he loves, what he enjoys, a very similar ethos to ourselves.

Earlier in the year we got together with a few Lancashire breweries to showcase Lancashire's finest! Ryan was involved in the pack we sold (which went down a storm!)...feeling we need to do that again soon guys?! When we were thinking of our birthday celebrations, we had to ask Ryan, it was a no brainer. Since then, the progress of the beer has been fantastic.

The name was created as a personal touch to me (Hema) & Rohit. It was actually our 7th wedding anniversary the day we brewed with Ryan. On our wedding day Rohit has nothing to do with our wedding as I wanted to surprise him with everything! The one thing he did surprise me with was a specially made music video with the song 'I Will Walk 500 Miles.' Ironically we ended up taking the plunge and moved from Glasgow back to my hometown Leeds so he really has walked 500 miles...  

We have tasted the beer ourselves last night. It's light, smooth and so easily drinkable. One of our new fave hops, Cryo pop, shines through in the flavour, it's lovely. 

Thank you Ryan, it's been so lovely being part of the process all the way through the collab. Cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for you, we sure will be following you all the way, and will definatly be making our way to the bar as soon as its open!

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