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Growing Like Grass...

The second of our 3rd birthday collabs is with the mighty Rivington Brewery!

As many of you will know we have been a massive fan of not only all the Lancashire Breweries this year, and Rivington have been smashing it out of the park. Their Blood Machines DIPA earlier this year was a highlight of the year for us. 

We have visited Rivington before the collab and the brewery is based on Rivington Farm. It's stunning. We bobbed along to their first beer festival earlier this year, Farm Fest, a great atmosphere. So relaxed and was so nice to be able to socialise once again! If you haven't been, we highly recommend to go (you can even camp on site too!). 

It's a great honour that we got to collab on making Rivington's first ever TIPA! Not too sweet and it definitely doesn't taste like 10% beer (which can be a good but dangerous thing! haha). 

On the brew day we got to meet brewers Jack & Billy. It's always lovely to chat and get to know other colleagues in our industry. Listening to their passion and watching the care involved in making the beer we all enjoy so much is a true treat. Hearing about their plans to expand the brewery size next year is very exciting. We already can't wait till their next festival!


A big thank you to Ben for making this collab possible. Cat, thank you for making sure it all arrived in time for our celebration day. Rivington are smashing it right now, and it's only going to get better. Follow them, go see them and support them, cheers!

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