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Beer reviews and #fidensfriday...

Hello and welcome to our latest blog!

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Sooo...what we've been drinking...

Our new favourite day of the week #fidensfriday ...Jasper With Nelson, Fidens. This was SUPERB! Our contender for beer of the year for sure. Citrus notes balanced with Nelson of course, a fantastic combination. So smooth and easy to drink, it was just a delicious DIPA...they have smashed it...we fought over the last sip lol!

Blender King, Treehouse. Well it has King in the title for a reason...king of the tropical fruit notes! Mango certainly shined through complimenting the hops without any hop burn and not too sweet. Really enjoyable to drink.

Chubbles Chubbles, Cloudwater. A DDH version of their infamous Chubbles. Galaxy, Citra and El Dorado are the key hops here. Pineapple smell with loads of overripe fruit flavours shining through. The enhanced version is still our favourite as we felt this was a bit overly sweet for us.

The infamous Centaur Army, Neon Raptor. Many people say it's snickers in a glass...too true. You can't taste the strength when drinking it but you surely feel it afterwards! Haha. Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Caramel Imperial Stout...if you enjoy those flavours, you will love it, simple.

Ante Meridiem Cats, Monkish. DDH Triple IPA with Moteuka & Citra. Slightly creamy with a dry finish. Rohit was a massive fan but me not so much as I didn't enjoy the finish very much. Was too bitter/dry for me unfortunately.

Thus we have heard, Cloudwater. Apple Brandy Barrels combined with dark fruits and a coffee finish. DELISH! Been waiting to have this one for a while and finally got time to sit down and enjoy it on #stoutsunday. Thick and full of fantastic flavour profiles...would have again for sure.

Traditional liqueur using fermented cherries with alcohol added in at the end. Lovely and kindly sweet. It's a perfect desert rather than a drink to be enjoyed pre-food. A nice change for us.

Timber's Axe, Fidens. Strata & Nelson hops. Smooth and juicy...can Fidens do any wrong?! Slightly spicy at the end but it was a nice suprise. Great beer.

And to finish another Fidens...Margaret Maggie Mags. Pineapple and quite syrupy. Not the best Fidens, but certainly still awesome. It's an interesting combo...which we've not had before, but we certainly love something different. 


Until next time, stay safe and speak soon!

Hema & Rohit xxxxxx

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